Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seattle Or Bust --
A Cross Country Car Trip

Aug 22, 2013

Excitement is building at our house as we prepare to depart on our historic cross-country trip from Brooklyn to Seattle. Dani and Erik and family (including their two dogs) are re-locating to Poulsbo, Washington for the next two years. Stacey and I are accompanying them on this epic road trip, driving one of their cars (the one with the three dogs: two are theirs, the third is Biggie). This should be good! Hopefully it will be.

Poulsbo, WA -- about an hour and a half
(by road or ferry) west of Seattle.
The last time I drove across our country was 1965. My friend Lonnie and I drove someone's car across and ended up in Berkeley. That was a long time ago but we took the same northern route (for the most part) that we are planning this time. It'll be interesting to see how much the country has changed in almost 50 years. 

This Sunday is Day One. We hope to get an early start. Dani and Erik will drive toward Chicago, a city that she's always wanted to explore. Stacey, Ethan, Sammy, Biggie (the dog) and I will head to my sister's lake house in Southeast Ohio for a couple of days of fun at her place. We'll meet up on Wednesday near Chicago where they'll take the kids and, lucky us, we'll take the other two dogs: Brooklyn and Annapolis.

I've suggested to Ethan that he write his own travel blog accompanied by photos that he takes, thinking that this would be a great show and tell at his new school where he's beginning second grade. So far he hasn't seen any value in that proposal. 

My 6-½  year old grandson, Ethan.
So now dear reader - please stay tuned for the Tales And Trials Of Our Great American Road Trip. I promise you some interesting, perhaps, writing. And some great, immodestly said, photographs. Then again, you could always hit the delete key should you get bored. 
See you on the road. Until then, a bientot!  - Matthew