Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Monday - A Day Of Rest

The four of us: Stacey and I and the two grandsons, Sammy and Ethan, are at Duba's lake house in southeastern Ohio (about an hour and a half west of Pittsburgh, Duba's hometown). Dani and Erik, meanwhile, are exploring the city of Chicago. That's the plan and so far, so good.

Duba and Buddy have a lovely house on a conservation lake. The latter refers to a non-profit preservation entity that owns and manages the lake and its surrounding properties with an eye to keeping it environmentally sound and maintaining its natural beauty. That means there's a strict limit to the size of motors on boats that are permitted and restrictions on oversized construction, buildings, etc.
Ethan and his Aunt Duba. We're out for a boat ride.

"This is how you drive the boat Ethan."
Sammy got a lesson also.

We spent the day just replenishing our spirits from the long 10-hour drive on our first day out. We'd have another one of those long days on Wednesday as we head to the Chicago environs to hook up with Dani and Erik and return the kids to them (in exchange for their two dogs). It was a lovely summer day on the lake and we took advantage of it to loll around the place take a leisurely boat tour of Atwood Lake and enjoy a dinner at a lake restaurant on the opposite shore.

Buddy, Duba's husband, was not at the house when we arrived last night. He would arrive today. So we set out on Duba's pontoon boat (a so-called party boat because of its flat and wide construction and stable bearing in the water). It also afforded an opportunity for Ethan and Sam to help steer the boat, something that Duba had promised them. Wow! Did they love that! And did they love the lake as well.

When we finished our tour and returned to the house we found Buddy waiting for us. We had a hamburger lunch, some naps and relaxation. The high point of Ethan's visit was a few hours with his newly-discovered Uncle Buddy as he was taken down to the shoreline and given the fine points of casting a line. Ethan caught three fish! Sammy and I joined them, not for fishing but for a dip in the refreshing waters. Ethan ran back up to the house to get his bathing suit so he could jump in too.

Later in the evening we set off by boat once again - out for dinner at the Lighthouse Bistro - a place that we've always enjoyed. The food is quite good, the view of the lake magnificent and usually, weather permitting, the sunset never fails to thrill us as we head back home by boat.
Ethan enjoyed the fresh air aand the sun on his face
as the boat sped along.
Stacey in late evening sun. Atwood Lake.
Sammy at the Lighthouse Bistro.

Sammy and Uncle Buddy - coloring at dinner.
Us - Lighthouse Bistro.

It was a short and sweet visit - the kids had a great time. We loved visiting with Duba and Buddy. Tomorrow was to be another long ride, across Ohio and into Indiana just short of Chicago. And the forecast said rain which would make the trip even longer. More about that in my next post. But for that you'll have to wait ... sorry.

From the road.  - Matt

What a way to end the perfect day!
On the way home from dinner - Sammy in silhouette.

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